Oh Heeeey there Friends. It’s been a minute ey?

A few of you lovelies have written asking beautiful questions about Bali. Yes, I was there. Yes, I am still alive. Yes, I am now home. I haven’t struck the keypad in response to my trip yet… I wouldn’t  couldn’t bear to write of my trip to Bali, knowing it meant one thing… I am no longer there. I am here merely reminiscing… ouch. So, I fiddled and faddled and did my damned best to take this reality transition happily… smile on face, hats ready, tap dancin shoes tied tight. What’s surprising… its been relatively easy.

I’m home and still happier than sh*t. Truly. I packed Bali up, stowed her in my carry on’s – right next to the almonds and colored pencils- and brought her sweetness home. I’ve been on cloud 24.  I have a newfound love for what I do, and my motivation to create has been flying in all directions.

I will post photos of my trip soon… the people, the places, the love. For now, some outfit shots taken by my lovely Tennille.

Wearing just about all Free People, anything loose, breathable, soft… Bali was my time… I dressed as I would ALWAYS if not for the dreadful winters. Summer weather is my season. Beauties…

Please check out my collaboration with Free People… words and more images found there. LOVE!