Somethin I recognize seems to be going on. A brewing of sorts. Something is ah’ stirrin’ in this here body. Within 6 weeks, My mind and body have skipped down this here path…from blissful Bali… to the Blizzards of NYC… To the comforts of California farm life, and then…  to the rains and haze of Seattle. Whats brewing?

This itch I must scratch? Putting on my Man’s cowboy hat, grabbin’ my Hound Dog, bridling my stead, grabbing a gun (I pretend only…allow me…), a thermos, a few cans of crap food, a lighter- wait… ummm… just sticks and stones?- and a saddle bag. Hanging laundry naked.. um, yes.If only I could whistle. Not gonna happen. Ok. Harmonica in tow. Boom. Instantly hard core again. This is the true rounder. The balancer. The rock. I’ll have my body and mind all Even Keel once this here mission is finished. Blissed out in Bali, happy with Nada… check. NYC Fashion Week go-er… happy observer of al things opposite of nada… check.

California Homesteader… happy with dirt and plants… check.

Now… Imagining… in the middle of f’in nowhere badass chick…. happy again with nada…. CHECK MATE. Boom. Pencil that in will ya. K. Thanks. And as always… Lots of love.


Listening to Mr. Jesse Woods quite a bit lately… have a taste…




xx Amy