Top of the mid morning to you all. I’ve been workin’ in lines, checks… this ways and that ways…. here’s and over there’s. All these lines equate to pure linear perfection. A little bit graphic, a little bit country… best of all… no season permit required. Come one and come all… Plaid is a player, a Jack of All Trades. Grunge lady… country prim (errrr, not my top of the list, but, to each there own), Western, Equestrian enthus… He (yes, plaid is most definitely Male)rocks one and all. I prefer to marry Grunge plaid and City Dweller plaid… keep it loose, keep it tight + round sunnies in tow. Bada bing bada boom. Love to you all. Happiest of Tuesdays.

Listening to these beauties non-stop…. got that perfect balance of Reggae Skank beats and haunting melodic lyrical riffs….



xx Amy