There’s a shedding process that comes with Spring. She’s provocative…. gives you that little wink from across the bar… a “go ahead… try… take it off… throw it out… cut it off…

Well, don’t mind if I do… i’m drinking chugging the Kool-Aid. The last few months have moved quick. Real quick. I would in fact say that March and April just may be the most fit of all the months…. May has always been close behind, but its those flat feet and budding… buds… that keep her, behind.

She’s cool with it though. Baby’s got buds.

Even if your movements resemble that of a stoned sloth…. thou shalt not deny the little specks of energetic “I can do anything” fairy’s singing in the air. Might just trade that pipe in for a pair of Nike’s and lulu melon spandex. Its happened (not to me, no no no…buuuuutt I’ve heard tales). Had what seemed a never ending work load when I returned from Bali…. more planes, more packing/unpacking, pulling/returning, meetings with clients, shoots and more shoots. A few weeks ago, I started my 2 week “must be at home” hiatus. Everything must shut off. Shut down. I go through this a few times a year. Recharging my batteries. Spending real present time with my loves. Computer happily dies. Phone usually is dead on a day to day, so not much change there. First stop: Coachella. Packed the bus and drove 17 hours (maxing at 50mph) down the California coast to Indio. Music. Friends. Love. Truly, after 6 years of going…. this year was Magic. Again, its those beautifully damned fairy’s singing with the best of em’… and I danced and jigged to their sweet melodies all weekend… brought them home in a jar… been dancing with them since. Summer nights at home revolve around our farm. My dog… My man… and long golden hour walks around the land. Its my happy place. My sanctuary. My place. Everything that is of meaning and significance rests here, home, and I smile knowing we could fit it all into our bus and drive away with all we love in tow. Each other and our best dog friend Juma.

Sidenotes…. **A.) There is nothing better in the entire world than old 501 Levis. B.) Watch the Video… Patti is one wise chick. “Build Your Name”. Please and Thank YOU. C.) Juma and I have serious silent talks every time I pack a bag and get in a vehicle… Love you all.

My Digs as follows…. in order….

Sheer Top FP X Daisy Chains Top

Jean ShortsDolphin Hem Cutoff

Cropped JeansHerringbone Skinny Crop

Vintage ClothingVintage Levis, Vintage Osh Overalls

JumpsuitLady Tangier Jumpsuit