No longer for the broiler room.Over-Alls have swept the nation. Sick with the same old drag at your local overweight mechanics shop, these once purely protective garments have found themselves on some of the loveliest lassies around. And hey… they are just one more ounce of proof that “one-piece” (err hmmm Gentlemen) can mean damn sexy. They do indeed represent their given name… Overall…. a sort of F*CK it, i’m throwing these damn things on. Then, viola… they become fashionable again. All these gals do it right, whether for the brisk months of Fall and Winter or the warmer seasons spent with the Sun… fool proof options await.I’m gonna go put mine on actually… have a great day all you beautiful people. Smile… hug someone you have never met. The reaction is pure entertainment.

Time for some Other Lives.