I say goodbye to my last year. Hello to a whole new even number to follow my 20-something self. Bye bye 7, good day 8.

A few years left before I grace the three o’s… today is a happy new year to me.

I reflect on change. On constants. On black and white, on color, on patterns and shapes.

I wipe it all clean and start anew… holding to lessons learned and jumping high for those on their own way.

I see the nature in which I wake, in which I walk, and those of my night dreams. I embrace my constant need for new smells and new sounds… sights unseen and music my body has yet to meet or greet.

Days like these, I am hit with sight of the abundant love I have around me. Comes no question of luck.. for I made a promise to myself and the world around me, and this love is life’s greatest gift to me.

So… with all the people that mean the world…  that fill me with love and give me purpose in life’s doings… in the “this and thats” of day to day… you that make my body soul and mind at peace and in whirlwinds of chaos and passion…

Thank you.

Off to the river, where I spend every day of birth with the one I love… laying on a big flat rock, beer in hand… skin dancing with the sun…

xx Amy