I’ll just start by saying this… I went and had myself a baby. A little Man Cub. A little human. A little creation with the Man I love most in this life. I have been blessed beyond belief with what I never knew I always dreamed of. This is, my friends, why I have been so absent as of late. I am getting on the wagon slowly, and will start by sharing some of the stories I have created for Free People. Love to all.

…”Letting go, weeding out, detoxing… lifting the clutter, debunking the mess. While color and chaos have their own rightful beauty and poignancy, simple… simple is full of power. It allows your soul to shine on through it all.

Simplicity. She is strong. She is elegant. She is full of ease and grace, of confidence and perseverance. It’s no easy task- to master the practice of simplicity- but when we do… we realize that simplicity does not simply mean “simple.” Oh no. Au contraire. Quite the opposite my friends. It embodies supreme sophistication, true excellence, beauty stripped down to its truest form. We see the real, we feel the raw… and we are then able to proceed with the shine of our own worth and intellect. Without distraction, we are left with life’s truest character… honesty….”

xx Amy

My every inch of every being is moving to these words right now….