“Where to begin”

I won’t begin. I’ll just keep going as if I had been beginning (and hence going) all along.

My life has gone upside down, right side up, side to side… and somehow… right side up yet again. Straight. Linear. A new view presides; steadfast and certain. A view I never knew I always wanted to gaze at for the rest of my days.  Much like these here stripes… seems a dizzy dance from afar, but up close? Just mere lines moving straight, moving forward,  predictable and minimal… certainly certain of where they are going. I’ll say, that’s an ok path… aint’ it?

Giving birth to our son, at home, no drugs… candles lit, music dancing about, Midwife tending, and the Love of my life hand to hand, heart to heart. It is the closest i’ll ever come to another sphere of otherworldly presence, at least before dying. It was both as simple and as complicated a miracle can be… depending on your vantage point I suppose.

I am amazed on the daily… what our bodies as women are capable of. How little me can gain 50lbs, grow a human- push out a human- then provide everything he needs for survival from my own body… might I add, from the once A (-) boobs. Mind BLOWN everyday. I’ve learned that my intuition as a mother has been rooted since birth, just by being a woman, we all have it… however buried. It kicks in hard, and is to be trusted. I give it up to my body and leave this here brain at the back door.

Love. Living with love in every second, for every moment… as present as I’ve ever been.

How this and stripes relate… either you see or you don’t. I somehow see all the resemblance in the world, though that could certainly be the lack of sleep (which also can be related to the wearing of stripes). A “stripe” – once only worn by prostitutes, clowns, and the rest of the damned – filtered on through to the French Riviera, catching the dear and trusted eye of Coco herself. Fast forwardPicasso, Bardot, Warhol… you get the drift. Is this not the cycle of our times? I never thought I would ever be the mother I am now (or one at all for that matter)… but here I stand, head held high in the truest love and devotion I will ever know.

You never think you’d wear it, then you buy 3.

Blur the lines to your liking… chic minimalism- layered with printed chaos- double denim teaming- stripe from head to the toe- colors of the tropics- solely black and white- there really is, so it seems, no wrong way. Just, well… your own way… there you have it: child birthing/rearing and stripes. BFFS.

Much love to you all that have written…  much love.

xx Amy