Ankles sure are the renaissance human parts of the future…hold up this body of mine whilst your delicate bones brush in loving marriage with the hems of my pants.

Ankles beat out the rest of their bodily companions in the season’s trend to “keep those pants cropped”. Those not in the know may think we are waiting for the floods, but pity a fool…. we are simply putting our best ankle forward through these bitter and frigid months. And you know what? wet soggy bottoms do suck, so chop it at the base. Best part of all? One must only shave the ankle and part of the shin/calf. The rest of the leg can officially beast out. Socks, tights, and knee high boots are friends here too… Hip Hip Hooray.

So ladies (and gents) layer heavy around the neck and head (where the body’s heat most readily escapes) and let those ankles bang, baby.