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we live like children do.

A really quick post as our feet are already out the door(i.e. should have been gone an hour ago)… but hey, gots to make time for jamming out via harmonica and found sticks with the 2 year old nephew. Ok.. no random banter… straight to the point. Horns are a honkin’. This post is to welcome our first video. While our cinema “shooting” skills aren’t quite polished, this video got us seriously pumped about future projects with the Manifest Media team. Anthony Wells, a dear friend and mad talented multimedia artist, edited the little Coachella footage we did have, and made it look like this…

Radical if we do say so ourselves. Peace and Love to you All. Music: Finally Moving-Pretty Lights. When I Grow Up-Fever Ray. Aimin At Your Head-Pretty Lights. Another video from the Manifest Media crew… Symbiosis festival. Ahhh…. the Summer’s Life issssss gooooooooood. ’09 from Manifest Media on Vimeo.on another note…we just wrapped a 16 hour editorial shoot with photographer Nina Robinson. All vintage, all outdoors… from 3:30 am to 8:30 pm. Paralyzed from exhaustion but incredibly excited for the epic visuals to be released. 

Xx love from San FranciscoAlex and Amy