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jumping jacks- pick up sticks

This is our opening farewell. Practicing our dance routines and stellar cavorting “moments of greatness” for the weekend ahead. This is our last jam out in our studio before the big squeeze. Sf-LA-Palm Springs… 13 hours of blissful driving ahead. Friends are packed in the pod, homemade goodies are bountiful (health bars people! common’), necks are all rubbery and stretched out… feet are ready to tap away at the dashboard as we make our beats down to the dessert (pun intended). Coachella is our annual kickoff to the wicked festival season ahead… whhhoooyaaa. A&A’s Music Festival Checklist: – fully stocked (and equally stoked) pod. Don’t overplay what you are about to see live… but give yourself a damn good teaser. – floppy sun hats (the only time you’ll hear us say “the floppier the better”) and head scarves. – sandals, boots (slouchy and flat, ankle or calf) and barefeet. – floor length t-shirt dress (and/or skirt), anything sheer (insert anything), floral/stripes/prints galore.. sun dresses: mini’s and maxis… but no midi’s please. – short shorts and looooooose tee’s & tanks. – camera’s (at least 2… never know when you might let go while hanging out the window trying to get that shot).- throw blanket/rug (ethnic print preferred).- bags: one small, one large…. shoulder straps only. – jewelry drippage: too much is still not enough… – chap stick: we choose karite or pa-paw. – sunscreen. – bamboo pole and adorning flag of your choice; staking your group’s tent makes late nights not so hazardous and less awkward for all those other tents you stumble into. 

a little bit of this….and a whole lot of that (i.e. this below video). Alex and I will be fully emulating these particular moves. Alex is all up on 0:33-0:36, and is still in front of the mirror (as we speak) giving her heart to 1:24- 1:36. I’ve been taking immense interest in perfecting 1:43 through 1:53. We’ll be sure to video the action and then post our skills to vote. really though… how incredible is this video? Capturing Kuho’s foundation of the A/W 2010 collection… “shedding our outer skins to re-emerge spiritually as more perfect of purer beings.” Nick Knight allows us to watch Ranya Mordanova undergo the metamorphosis… utterly transfixing.a small montage from last year with the crew…

Xx love from San FranciscoAlex and Amy[Amy’s Dress & Accessories: Vintage. Alex’s Dress: Wasteland SF.]