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Coddle Me. Please.

Fall is here.

I’ll always give my full love and devotion to the months of Summer for the obvious….music festivals, camping trips, dancing in dewy grass with no shoes, ice cold cocktails at 10pm dressed in your bathing suit and ready for the next dip, hikes, boating, cooking all your meals from the land, blooming colors, sun kissed skin, roping curling hair, long days, long nights, beautiful friends, far off dreams that come close with each day, star gazing,road trips, gardening, instrumentals, crickets, birds bathing, bus adventures….

Yes. All good, great and certainly grand.¬†Though…

I must give respect to the Falling of Fall.

While colors still drape the streets in leaves of different hues, today i’m soakin my darks and neutral softs together, in one big batch.

Its time to put on some clothes, and for the first time in some time… i’m ok with that.

Your clothes must make friends with one another as you topple them atop one another like family in a house thats just… too small. “You willlll go together damnit. You love being close dont you… yes, yes you do.”

That favorite shirt that was the life of the party all on its own just got slammed with an ACNE shearling. Take it.

Bless you Black for making it so damn easy… Camel n’ Cream… you can be in that mix as well.

stay warm.