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By Light and Dark…

A few shots taken during the lighter times of day, when you feel like “ahh, I got all day”, when truly… well, you don’t.

Before one can wrap a head around that (let alone your own), night has begun its fall… day has done its dance over the hills…and you are still there pondering on.┬áMy golden hour ritual walks with Jhuma the dog and my Love leave me fresh for a good nights rest and easy breathing. Really, take a stroll every night for a week at sundown… what a difference that jaunt makes. Fall is here, leaves beneath the feet.. and that crunch crunch noise just feels right.

Digs in order:

Embroidered Top: Tiger lily

High Waisted Denim/Lennon Glasses/Jewelry: Vintage

Printed Maxi Dress: Kanako Print Maxi

Tall Buckle Boot: Vintagexx Amy

Oh! still wishing it wasn’t final…

Please check out this incredible band Lucius… and this equally wicked single. Its reeeeal good.