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back on this side of the bridge for the week….

As roommates and friends, we’ve agreed that despite our busy and often stressful schedules (for the past month we’ve been driving up to Mendocino every weekend while juggling work/school/), it’s about time we kick our butts into high gear, literally. First things first, a wonderful grocery shop yesterday evening has left our fridge full of delightful, healthy treats…the challenge will be no bread/wheat for a week. Continuing on our health quest we awoke bright and early this morning and went for a brisk walk/jog down to Hayes Valley. There might have been an alterior motive by the name of Blue Bottle Coffee Co….some might say it’s the best cup of joe in the city…we might say so ourselves if our hearts weren’t at Central around the corner. Nonetheless a morning jaunt followed by a healthy dose of yoga left us energized for our day.

The first half of this week will be consumed by school, work, and healthy living but come Thursday things will be looking up. Weekend will consist of all things happy. Hike Mt. Tamalpais, Outside Lands music festival starts Friday… an incredible lineup in Golden Gate Park (just a minutes walk from our place). Thievery Corp, Midnite, MIA, Brett Dennen, The National, Band of Horses….the list goes on. Our dear Aussie friend Chris fly’s in Saturday, met him in Mendoza during our South American travels a few years ago. He’s a SF virgin so indeed our weekend will consist of all things “tourist.” Weekend weather says 85 degrees and sunny… feel like we’ve been sprinkled with magic fairy dust.