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sounds of silence.

My favorite fellow Swede. She’ll always have my heart. Miss Li’s new video…. “Untitled”. 

Just bought tickets to see her in San Francisco… upon landing on home soil from Africa: Coachella and then Lykke Li… not bad at all. 

Xx Amy 

This just in…


It’s been a while since we’ve seen or heard from our fave Swede, since last April at Coachella to be exact; and in our books that’s much too long to go without a peep (or in her case make it a wail and a booty shake)from our most inspiring girl crush Lykke Li. However, as many are clamoring, gushing, ooing and aweing at the premiere of New Moon, it’s not the movie that’s getting us all riled up (although Amy is a closet fan), but the soundtrack. Yep, our girl Li has indeed come out with a new ballad. We’re hoping Lykke Li will grace us with her presence at Coachella again this year, or make an appearance in SF soon, but until then we’ll just have to take this in, soak it up, and put it on repeat…”…actually listen to it when you get a chance.. Lay down on a bed and just listen my love.

Love is a serious matter when it’s real. It’s blood and it’s death. But it’s also life, ain’t no other way around it.”-Lykke LiThen…

Listen to: will you still love me tomorrow… and certainly not least, our two favorites get together to do her oldie (but so damn goodie) “dance dance dance.” Li & Bon Iver doing ‘Dance Dance Dance’ in L.

A from Lykke Li on Vimeo. Lay down and just listen? Seeing as Friday is upon us, we might be doing just that. Wishing a fantastic Friday to all. Enjoy.

Peace & Love,

Xx Amy and Alex