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I only sing in the shower.

Last night I entered a talent show. I waited my turn.

Patiently. Two are before me. A 2 year old that played the violin. An old man singing falsetto. Next up… me.  Anxious.  I stand. I stare. I stand straight and stare hard at the audience. Blank face. Exuding nothing-ness. I don’t have a talent-less.  Roaring applause. “that was the most original talent performance I have ever seen… nothing!”  … says the 2 year old.

I run away. Fast. Don’t stop till I wake myself up.  A dream or a nightmare I haven’t yet decided. So, I post one of my favorite talents out there. High hopes my next sleep session has me sounding this good next time round…. Kiwanuka: Lasan on I believe I am feeling talented in this moment…


Dream On.

I woke with  sizzling smells of Africa. This happens (less and less now) for months following this trip, my nose woke me… more so than my dreams… this wasn’t a dream. I would wake, sit up in the dark… and breathe deep. “Hello.” “Don’t forget.”Night smiles. My nose would never allow it… that lil’ nose of mind trickles it’s memories to my mind, body.. soul. I have been away from my loves for two weeks, my man, my home… my northern California. This first morning I wake in my own bed, i’m drenched in memories, faces, textures, and colors of mamma Africa. I have posted some of these in my days after I returned… but today I live in the past…. and feel damn good about it. Nostalgia. Yes. Indeed. My skin has yet to accept defeat in finding a new shade of pale.. white.. translucent all together. Amazing. I can almost see through me. Dreaming of Africa this monday…. and wishing you all a beautiful week, a painless monday, and some glorious sun. 

xx love and more love, Amy