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Stillness of Mind.

Come on in. A sneaky little peak into my new digs. I’m still pondering whether this yellow tint from the iphone brings feelings of life and energy or putrid stagnance. Either way… here it is. I assure you the new home is full of all things good. Clawfoot tub. Steel iron spiral stairs lead way to our lofted bed-nook- zen den. A frame… Amen. Nothing like the late nights spent with a wood burning fireplace, sporadic and melodic. Been spending my days in the garden. Digging dirt to my elbows, savoring worms like gold, and drinking summer beer. Ahhh. Vintage stores beware: Hardware stores have become my new haven.

Nothing like metal, dirt, mouthwash, brooms, bat shit and hoses all under one roof.  Antiquing in our new town is unreal… shop after shop resembles unexpected cold water on your neck. Shocked and pleased beyond belief that you, yes you, could feel so energized and fresh.   Freshly used is the magical duo.

Saw Lykke Li at the Regency Ballroom last night. Amazing as ever. Rockin a new haircut paired with an incredible body suit. Danced all night. Crawled home to our sanctuary. Slept in for the first time in ages. Tuesday Sunday. Sunday it is. 

Xx Amy