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Mothers are the necessity of Invention.

A day late, yes. Ever less important? Hell no. Yesterday I spent the day celebrating with my Mother… glorifying her and all that she has created on this earth (I am so blessed to be on of those creations). What I have taken from this beautiful Woman: love, compassion, and freedom of expression. She raised me with a motto that became ingrained in my psyche, “boredom is an insult to yourself, Dear.” Raised with paint brushes in hand, piano keys underhand, clay on the hands, and flowing creativity on the brain. An artist herself, her life has been dependent on the creation and ability to express through her eyes, and teach others to do the same.  Teacher of the arts, singer, musician, potter… a “jackess” of all trades, a renaissance Woman, an enthusiast of life. With negativity, she simply says…”let it go”… and with the positive, “soak it in”. Such simple three worded phrases can change the way you move through life in it’s entirety. Now, at the age of 59, she still laughs like a child, soaks new knowledge as a student, and gives love and openness to all around her as a wise and worldly veteran. I lift a glass of dark roasted coffee on this Monday morning and give thanks to Mother’s; and myself and 3 older brothers lift ours up in great admiration and appreciation.

My Mamma…

Alex headed down San Luis Obispo with her Mother yesterday to see her younger Sis. I found these photos to include in this post, but can’t really effectively describe the connection these two have. I have known and loved Alex’s mother for a looooong time, and while I know what an incredibly strong, wise, caring and style infused woman she is, no one can give words the trueness like Alex. So I’ll write a  _______________________ for now, and she’ll be filling in the blank shortly. -AmyAlex’s Mamma…

Update: Still in SLOtown with my beautiful mama and sister enjoying a much needed few days away from the grind. Right, because I haven’t had enough vacations lately- first, a month in Costa Rica, then four days of fun and sun at Coachella. If anyone is deserving of this relaxing jaunt it’s my hardworking, ever-supportive and abundantly loving mother. Since I can remember my mother has worked her arse off, often holding down two jobs while supporting my sister and I, putting us through college, sending us off to explore the planet, and pushing us to pursue anything and everything that puts a smile on our faces. She represents the epitomy of true love and selflessness at it’s finest and to this, to her, I am forever indebted. On an equally important note, I would like to dedicate this post to two amazing mother’s, Roxanne and Diane. Moms of two childhood friends, who, despite battling separate but equally debilitating diseases, have maintained their inner spunk, beauty and glow- sending my love and support to them and their families on a daily! Ok, that’s all the time I can dedicate to blogging for the day, must sign off and get back to spending time with the fam.-AlexPeace and Love to you All. 

Xx from San Francisco