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Roll and Rock, Rock and Roll.

On the road. Got my favorite people packed in back. My Love to the side. Bus full of festival necessities. Driving to Sasquatch Festival in the smack dab middle of Washington… 3 days of glorious music in whats hailed to be one of the most beautiful venues you can inhabit. This will be a first for me… and let me tell you, I’m a strong lover of first times. 20 hours of driving in our dear beloved Barnabus, for the Lady of Love can only reach 55mph before threatening a quitting all together. A slow and steady chugging along the Pacific Northwest is a vacation for the spirits. Redwoods, rugged cliff lines, camping along the way… most importantly… a perfectly curated Rock and Rollin’ playlist for this very special road beneath. We are paying tribute… and its serious business around here.  Loading up. See Ya, San Francisco. Grabbing our instruments of choice. Our Hats of momentous character.

Our Loves. And ta-dah. Off we go. Away into the light of opportunity and new experiences.

I’ll be covering Sasquatch for Free People…. coming home with all sorts of goodness for the senses. I’ll keep all you’s in tune with that collaboration… a little music video in the works. For now.. here are a few of my must see’s:










Man. The list goes on… I’ll stop here. Reluctantly. Love to you all. Amy