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It Aint What You Got, Its What You Make.

Seems to be one of those. Those summer days where the fog never lifts… not from the mind, eyes or sky?

Well folks, that seems to be todays decided recipe… who’s decision, still not sure, but i’m assuming the Sun just needed of a quick breather. I’ve gotta run with it. Proper amount of caffeine and a bowl full of oatmeal…. day dreamin in real life livin aint so bad. Driving can be a hazard, but otherwise… I’m gonna blast me some Shovels and Rope and hit the road. All wrapped up in my favorites, a sherpa poncho and printed vintage dress. Feels like a cool fall day on the 4th of June, and i’m doing my best to turn these corner lips upwards. Could use some heavier socks.

Socks in June. Yep, this is now happening. Listen to this husband and wife duo “Shovels and Rope”. Truly… so lovable and groovy. This video in particular floods memories of Summers spent with my man and dog… the simple pleasures of being beside the one you love in a shitty old work truck. There is no feeling like it, and this video right here brought it all back…. thanks you two. I also now have a strong desire to be a master Milliner.