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Gentlemen of Printed Pleasures

Things I find sexy (ie: necessary) in a Man include ALL of the following, together, in balanced harmony.
Sarcastic Banter delivered with effortless timely perfection.
Sculpted arms that enable me to feel small and womanly (ie: vulnerable).
Hair on face.
Hair-less body.
Interesting teeth (straight, gapped, crooked… just make em’ different)
Passion for visually stimulating.
Love for music of decades past.
Positive Spins on Negatives Wins.
Sense of self.
That, my friends, that right there is a real man.
Any man that can wear florals like no woman could… pushing all things pretty outside their comfort zone straight into hard, manly, sexy cool. That is a M.A.N.
Balinese batik, Ghanian African Wax, Tribal, South American, Central American, Graphic…. I am not for one team or another… what I do find most pleasing is when all prints unite and stand together on one man. That’s somethin’ right there.
Don’t be weary Gentlemen. Prints bring women pleasure.
Go on.
Stand out amongst a crown of neutrality.
You are special.





























Monsieur Jerome; street style; NYFW





Haider Ackermann, Menswear Spring Summer 2015 Fashion Show in Paris





November is here.

I’m dancin in my socks, sans pants… big sweater hanging low.. fireplace a roarin.

Ahh yes, Fall is official. Holidays are coming… and I’m sliding back and forth on our wood floor on wooled feet warmers with The Band as my backdrop.

Life is good… Ladies (and Gents)… Life is good.It’s about this time…. yes… every time, every year… that I start the search for all things Chunky.The winds come, the rains drizzle, and I… I wrap up tight in large knits. Larger the better, chunkier is preferred. November, time to get heavy.

Today, I’m thinking Backwards.

Sundays urge me to warp backwards… mostly to avoid the futures Monday, but also…. Sundays are meant to bask, marinate, and really… look damn good for no reason at all. Jump on a bike, take that bra off… but please, for god sake, make sure that belly’s button is covered. A little spritz of extra volume in that mane… skates, ice cream, weapon of choice.


So. On that note. Some of my favorite ladies…..

xx Amy

The Staves.

Watch. Listen. Close those eyes. 7 minutes of solitude with these sisters. You will be better for it. This I promise.

xx Amy

Clean Slate.

I say goodbye to my last year. Hello to a whole new even number to follow my 20-something self. Bye bye 7, good day 8.

A few years left before I grace the three o’s… today is a happy new year to me.

I reflect on change. On constants. On black and white, on color, on patterns and shapes.

I wipe it all clean and start anew… holding to lessons learned and jumping high for those on their own way.

I see the nature in which I wake, in which I walk, and those of my night dreams. I embrace my constant need for new smells and new sounds… sights unseen and music my body has yet to meet or greet.

Days like these, I am hit with sight of the abundant love I have around me. Comes no question of luck.. for I made a promise to myself and the world around me, and this love is life’s greatest gift to me.

So… with all the people that mean the world…  that fill me with love and give me purpose in life’s doings… in the “this and thats” of day to day… you that make my body soul and mind at peace and in whirlwinds of chaos and passion…

Thank you.

Off to the river, where I spend every day of birth with the one I love… laying on a big flat rock, beer in hand… skin dancing with the sun…

xx Amy

Tip Of The Hat To You.

This post comes way of the 10th day. 10 days I’ve had Orvis (a dear old hat friend… slightly faded, perfectly green, slender yet wide… deliciously curvy in all the right places)atop my head.

Here I am. Day 10… sitting in bed with tea, boxer briefs made for gals… and Orvis hanging head high. No ugly here. Orvis hides it all. What a guy, what a pal… and whats best? He has abilities…stained, ripped, dirty, confusing, all together messy….whallla…. boom.

He makes any mish-mash outfit look intentionally brilliant.

Hat Magic.

I suddenly look much better than I did without.And here, to the ladies that leave stains and confusing at home… bless you all.

(It is very hard to fly in a hat. Leaning back is hard enough as it is… best bring a case.)



thank you Rus for this….

schizophrenic fanatic.

A beautiful soul… straight up. “I love absurdity. I love pathetic people. I love silly people. I love angry people.. I like losers…I hate perfection… there is nothing I can climb on… if its very perfect, I don’t relate to it… you only relate to what you are. Perfection is arrogance, because there is nothing i can do about it”… Amen Lou, mamma Jane did you right.


Free People and Lou make Harmonious Love…



Endless Summer.

Top of the Monday to you. Off on a plane momentarily to spend some time with sunshine in LA for the week. Below is the latest shoot I did with photographer Carolina Palmgren for Fashion Gone Rogue. Check out Carolina’s site… you’ll be there smiling for a bit…. I assure you. Love and goodness and all that jazz. x

Photographer: Carolina Palmgren

Stylist: Amy Soderlind @ Workgroup.

Hair/Makeup: Ingeborg @ Opus Beauty. 


It’s the Life in Your Men.

Thinkin’ bout Men.

Maybe its the extra dark coffee in this camping mug I sip from. Maybe its the wool blanket on the old rocking chair I sit on while sipping. Perhaps its the eggs tatter breakfast I just inhaled, the hound dog at my feet, or the bearded -old levis wearing- big haired blue eyed man that I love. This morning I’ve had it with the ladies…. time to get my hands dirty in some good old traditional menswear.

Happy to do it.

A friday off… playing in the dirt. finishing a painting… and then off to take my 7 year old niece horse shopping…  this is my happiness, and today, it comes early.

Love to you all. Hope the day is sweet and the weekend long.


… found this musician, Aaron Embry, camped out on our land. He stole my shirt and hat… with no invite proceeded to play the morning away. Thank god for Vimeo and the Internet. Rude, but it still pleases me. 


Aaron Embry – When All Is Gone from In the Open on Vimeo.


Aaron Embry – Raven’s Song from In the Open on Vimeo.

xx Amy

I just wanna be Naked.

No matter how deep-or how shallow-the love I hold for clothing….

After working with it for sometime… days/weeks/months on end, nips/tucks/pins/arranging/pairing/fitting/thinking about another white pleated pant/arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr—I just want to live naked.

So.I leave colorless cold Seattle (I do love you, but not today, you are cold and distant and I didn’t bring a coat) and fly to home in the hopes of a cloth-less weekend.

Saw this band, The Head and The Heart, last week at the incredible Fillmore in San Francisco. I had heard their album for the past year… but live… live? Mind blowing. Gal is a bit of a tweeker, but she’s got a voice I dig. I prefer both men when they are shagged and bearded… but hey, thats my issue. 


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