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bite your tongue all you get is a mouth full o’ blood.

Getting lost by oneself…. no feeling like it. Went home to see the family these past few days. Both calming and anxious ridden, going home to the house you were born and raised in… every twist and turn tells old stories and new. Not ready to accept the changes? I say you have already been buried. I chose another route….

I had my 10th birthday upon my arrival. No presents. I forgive. I laughed a new laugh I never knew I had… a little surreal , if its happened to you… well, you know. Ran faster than I have in quite sometime (still, quite pathetic) all in the hopes of impressing a 4 year old. I did my best to walk steadfast and graceful across fallen logs… and then hipped hopped and scotched right out of there. Heaven really, pure bliss. As soon as the guards are down, something magical happens. You have freed yourself of all expectation and distant memories, and for me, I ran as a 10 year old girl again. Wild and free. “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.



I’m dreaming in grey’s. The man of my (our) house dismissed my [deep] calling to paint the entirety of our house grey… he mentioned something about the color giving him feelings of suicide – or something extreme in matter. Obviously this was just enough for me to turn a cheek and find a more “cheery” color for our life’s walls. So… while I refuse any shade of yellow… I may make a compromise and paint half white, half black. I’m in a good mood today.

For now… more colorless images that make my mind’s eye spring with gusto. xx

Over and Out.

Goin’ home to see my sweet sweet love. Dreaming of open fields, our whispering woods, and my beloved family of owls that never cease to ask me just who I am. Home is my reminder. All the little things. Details that make my whole self sing with truth and purpose. Ahh, planes a loadin. X’s.

Ta ta.

Xx love from San Francisco


Already Free.

My extreme absence from things that I love, for instance writing here, with you, has given me a little walk down memory lane… insert these photos. Taken on a Sunday, surely. Nothing to do but breathe ocean salt into my very tiny nostrils. A day where That’s a day in and of itself. To Do: Breath.

Check. Overwhelming feeling of accomplishment.  Known now as what I wish I was doing. I’m not. Alas, I am not. Instead, I’ve taken up my hobby of loading my plate as high and wide as possible… taking gulps and swallowing chunks as I shimmy down my little path of success. Come January, I’m off and out. Yoga retreat? Mountain Hiking? Bali again? Orrrrr…

How bout just sitting the f*ck down with some paints and a bottle of my choice, perfectly pretty underwear, braided hair, and old Motown trickling through my ear drums. Just thinking/typing about it makes my soul calm. Come winter, I flee like a bird and head South. Somewhere warm. Got those anxious travelin’ jitter bugs again… They come every year this time, tis the season. Some people sit on Santa’s Lap… I get the hell out of the U.

S. Of A.

Just finished reading Just Kids by Patti Smith. A darn good read I tell ya, a real gem.“In art and dream may you proceed with abandon. In life may you proceed with balance and stealth. For nothing is more precious than the life force and may the love of that force guide you as you go.” – Patti Smith

“I don’t fuck much with the past but I fuck plenty with the future.” – Patti Smith


Xx love from San Francisco


Who Do You Love.

My near and dear friend Josh sent me this little slice of goodness. Most of you may tire of the video after a bit… but I was wrapped in a consistent stare from start to finish. It very much reminds me of my childhood- riding my pony Tigress to kindergarden… tying her up with water and food… and strutting in just in time for “circle song” and the A B’s and C’s of life.   I do enjoy this particular song. Been humming “I wanna know I wanna know now…” under my breath all weekend. Take the addiction will you? Or at least join me in creepy whisper singing…

Xx love from San Francisco


Mostly Black and White.

The time finally came. I packed up and moved on.

Boxes were taught with treasures collected over the years, photos with significant importance, rocks that were a special shape (though no one would know it) and simply couldn’t be tossed. I realized after packing up the U-haul, everything I own can be carefully packed into 14 feet of space and a old run down rodeo… I was also slightly disgusted with my sentimental bullshit.”toss it!” -they would shout.”but that was the receipt from the ticket I bought 3 years ago to that one show… remember?”.yuk.

Now that I am in a new space, I find myself haphazardly chucking items out the door, finding way to their own demise. “Moving In” sale is much more fun.

While I leave this Redwood sanctuary pensively… I do simultaneously move forward with the profound love of new chapters and clean slates. I’ve found my perfect country cottage only an hour away from my San Francisco city life. Gypsy at heart, I love change. I sit here in my new little window nook, looking at the chickens roost around the gardens, frogs sing on the foggy pond waters, wood burning stove- while small- ferociously crackles away at it’s fresh meal.

Projects fill the calendar, festivals consume my mind, and the hunt for the perfect bus still remains the lead of my priorities.

Just got finished with an incredible collaboration with favorite creative minds Rus Anson and Joshua Conover. Really looking forward to sharing the final product. 10 page editorial spread for a very exciting magazine. Film crew came along for a documentary and short fashion film. Energy comes from working with amazing people on projects you feel true passion for. Screw coffee… send me Rus and Josh!

Today, I leave you with mostly black and white’s, all of these move me today, hopefully in directions of  unpacking square cardboard boxes.

Love to you all. 

Xx Amy 

ello sunshine

After days of rain and slush that damn sun has finally shone it’s face….and brought my precious bestest friend home from great Africa. Hallelujah, let it begin. Busting out my crochet everything and hoping Amy finds her dream bus stat.

Photos reblogged from Sisters of the Black Moon

Alex Ebert of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros coming through with a solo album. Diggin.

Welcome Spring!xx Alex 


Good morning lovelies. It’s raining, hailing, dumping heavily and I know not what to do other than share these pieces of beauty with you. Ever heard of Lighting in a Bottle? Ever Been? Check out this video shot last year by our talented brothers over at Manifest Media….

Amy and I will be hopping on a family caravan and booking it down to the nether-regions of LA this May to dress up, get down and get all gypsy, hippied out. Come come.

Photos via SistersoftheblackmoonHappy Saturdayxx Alex