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i’m losing my edge

Amy shot these a week or so ago when the rain, like yesterday, decided to kick the sun aside and force us to huddle up in our most homely of garments and stick to the great indoors for a day of art projects and old cinema. Can’t say I’m happy about the rain in May, but after a weekend of fashion shows (more to come on Stanford University’s Charity Fashion Show), live music (of course accompanied by dancing into the wee hours) and Bay to Breakers (we did not attend, merely watched from our perch, snapped photos of waaay too many men in diapers, and sighed in relief that we had not consumed gallons of alcohol before 8 am), we needed a damp, cold day to tell us it was OK to stay inside. 

(floral blouse-vintage, jacket-vintage Painted Bird, velvet stirrup leggings-American Apparel, jewelry-vintage) Eeeee, one more thing: What’s better than finding a new vintage store in your city where you literally want to buy everything down to the reclaimed wood doors on the dressing rooms? Nothing. We found a new gem in the Mission the other day and we peed our pants just a little. Definitely on the pricier side. You know, the usual arm and a leg for a well worn Rolling Stones tee, $60-100 on a vintage leather jacket, and plenty of floral gettups, along with a few newer brand such as Cheap Monday denim and sunglasses. Even if you step in just to check out their mad decorating skills you’ll leave with a grin on your chin…..After Life.

Xx love from San FranciscoAlex and Amy

the hippies were flipping

Someone is going fishing in my intellect… have you ever felt as so? You know, spears hitting the insides of your temples every so often… and just as you have a brilliant thought (or any at all for the matter) it’s caught and eaten up by drunk fisherman trying to stay away from the nagging wives? Piercing. Unwarranted. Good morrow to me [insert grimaced eye squint]. Hope the days catch won’t be worth a second trip…(the coffee is ready as we speak and I am… at peace.) Focus. A few things that I can remember long enough to share with you. We are working on a very exciting project with Photographer Nina Robinson (, a lovely woman with a like-minded eye. She just shot The Dead Weather and The Black Keys for Nylon Magazine… in short, her train is a movin’ and we’ll be on board for a bit. Alex and I are hand making many of the items for the upcoming shoot… hands are engaged, minds are buzzing, feet are tapping, arms are yo-yo-ing, hips are oscillating… these are the norms when the two of us start any creative endeavour. That brings us to The Music. We’ll flip through anything throughout the day. Otis Redding and Al Green, Brett Dennen and Amos Lee, Pretty Lights and Beats Antique. LCD Soundsystem, ED Sharpe, Florence and The Machine, Lykki Li, Miike Snow… Shaky Hands…. but what reeeeallly gets us moving are the goodies from the good times.

Amy is wearing all vintage… accessories, scarf, tunic(footstool and records).

Oh Happy Day! We’re feeling a Giveaway may be coming soon…

Xx love from San FranciscoAlex and Amy

“I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want to own”

Who wouldn’t follow this titled sign? Yes please says we. Never really woke up yesterday… one of those fogs that have no care to lift; nothing we could do to burn it off… coffee, cold shower, slaps in the face, walks in the woods… the day continued on in its blurry format regardless.

Pretty telling in the outcome of these photos Alex took… these seem focused compared to our brains. Synapses decided to take a day off did they? No notification to the head boss eh? Well screw you then. We’ll just spend the day half awake looking for invisible oceans. 

Really diggin’ these shots. Rolling Stones and Little Feat sets the backdrop, blasting from the cassette player while Alex picks flowers to make homemade headpieces. A perfectly blundered day indeed… “I suppose I have a really loose interpretation of “work,” because I think that just being alive is so much work at something you don’t always want to do. The machinery is always going. Even when you sleep.” -Andy Warholwearing: my favorite thrifted current elliott jeans, comfy grandpa shoes by bernardo, versatile silk printed shirt is vintage as well as this suede/sherpa jacket… necklace pendant from Rubyat, chain just laying around the house… tada perfect layering piece. 

Better for it

My time has come. Amy published her post with grace and style and now I must follow suit…

It’s my turn to face this “reality” that she speaks of.Kicking myself with every thought of it, I went down to Costa Rica without a camera. The one thing you truly want on vacation, minus of course a good book and bikini, is a camera. This is the first time I have faced this dilemma in quite some time seeing as Amy and I go most places together, and her camera has been shared between the two of us. So forgive me for my lack of photos and extreme lack of outfits, but the last thing you want to do in the tropics is dress up…less is always more.

Memories are what I have left of my beautiful trip and that is what I hold dear. Swimming, reading, morning workouts/kickboxing classes in the jungle, long strolls on the beach, snorkeling, dancing, laughing, eating, dancing and more laughing, bull fighting, and all with a wonderful crew of childhood friends and a slew of amazing new ones…this was my Costa adventure.I lived in cotton. Denim cutoffs, oversized American Apparel tees and tanks, a bathing suit or two, that’s pretty much it. The one area I seriously failed in while packing was the sun dress department. I have plenty of them, I lived in San Diego for seven years, but not a single sun dress, made it into my tiny little backpack. I made due with what I had and what I had was plenty. I tend to acquire things (i.e clothes, shoes, accessories) like it’s my job. As much as I love to buy, to have, to obtain, I love nothing more than to leave those items behind. To not need anything but the necessities and to know that I would be perfectly fine (if not happier) without any of it is one of the most freeing feelings I’ve had in a long time, and of course makes me that much more grateful for what I do have. Ciao Costa, until we meet again…

Xx AlexRegarding our Giveaway coming up, I think Amy might hold me to too high of standards…

If I had my way I’d head straight back down to Costa Rica with this next item and never return. It’s that good. To be honest, it’s great to be home, to be blogging again, to be among the likes of such inspirations like you and that’s why we’d like to pass this gem on, soon…

“sin ken ken”

Dear Reality,Amy here. I Haven’t wanted to speak with you, nor have I given the mere acknowledgment of your presence. You’ve been kind and patient with my aloof behavior and for that I give you great thanks. I’ll admit you exist.

Here I am, willing to be inundated with both the qualms and joys you have to offer back here on planet earth. Thank you for leaving me alone for the past month… your so kind when you want to be. Bali bliss. I tried to choose an array of photos that captured my time in it’s essence. Flipping through the thousands taken was a needed closure… thankfully I was left alone in my self pity to shed my tears of longing pain. It was good though, a solid cry is a rare occurrence, and I was happy to give the salty drops to Bali. The time spent with my love in such a beautiful place was, in it’s truest definition, perfect. Peaceful island traveling. quiet sunsets. sweet smells of coconut oil cooking. incensed alters. offerings of thanks (3x’s a day). motor bike exploring. waterfall hunting. local jam sessions. monsoon rains. unrealistic humidity. sheer sheet sleeps. rice fields. temples. dear friends. art. writing. reading. reflection, relaxation and realization. What more could one want? I woke with the sun every morning and most nights I also went down with it (mentally at least). I’ve never fallen in love so deep with a people and a way of life as I did the Balinese… I haven’t found a suiting “word” yet, but I can come close by describing the general characteristic as both profoundly uplifting and wisely still. Wisdom for in the moment living and daily appreciation follow you with each step… it happens without even knowing it… in my mind, Bali’s greatest gift to all it’s visitors.

morning markets…

textures for the senses…

my next two painting subjects…

what I wore everyday: a headscarf and anything that didn’t touch my skin. T-shirt dresses and oversized linen button ups. I only brought 1 carry-on backpack and still didn’t use half of my belongings. So proud in fact that bruises on my back still remain from the heavy “self pats”.

your first lesson in Balinese, the rightful title of this post… “Sin ken ken” means “No worries.”On another note:Our dearest loveliest following friends,Alex and I came across the most incredible giveaway yesterday while perusing the streets of SF. I’m already turning greedy and thinking of all the ways I could wear it (and while Alex is both giving and kind, I know she shares similar thoughts). It will soon belong to one of you… so, get a head start by clicking the follow button over to your right. Further instructions and images will be posted soon.

Xx Amy “As I get older, I get smaller. I see other parts of the world I didn’t see before. Other points of view. I see outside myself more.” – Neil Young.

Across The Great Divide, just grab your hat and take that ride.

-The BandOne last shoot before the New Year, and right before Amy shipped off to Bali for some relaxation, meditation, and adventure with her Love. That won’t be me for another two weeks so until that glorious day arrives I’ll be putzing back and forth from the City to the Country for work, doing some much needed organization, and celebrating New Years with my dearest of friends.

Shooting down at Ocean Beach amongst the sand dunes and wind swept grass couldn’t have been a better backdrop for this classic yet funky outfit. Honestly, the hat is what does it for me. The perfect shade of orangy-red so elegantly complimented the mellow colors of this printed frock. Us being us, we chose the last possible day before Amy left to take some shots, leaving the lighting up to San Francisco, which has been nothing but cold and drizzly for the past week. That being said, there seemed something magical about this morning and I almost didn’t want to stop taking photos despite the wind and frost. Maybe it was Amy’s anticipation and enthusiasm for the days to come, or it could have just been that damn hat, either way, I’m starting to consider these to be some of my favorite photos to date. Hope you enjoy lovelies and have a brilliant New Years!

Vintage fedora and H&M dress both from Painted Bird, denim jacket from Wasteland, snakeskin “wet” legging from AA, an oooold pair of Steve Madden boots rescued from the depths of our closet, Turquoise necklace by Maya Rowland.

Xx love from San FranciscoAlex and Amy

Congratulations to…

Honestly, the competition was fierce and the decision, even harder. We would like to give a huge thank you to all the amazing bloggers who participated in our first giveaway. We have loved reading every last comment and whole heartedly appreciate the creativity and effort put into winning this necklace! Being a libra, I have THE HARDEST time making decisions, and when it comes to art and fashion, Amy is right by my side. There are so many directions we could have taken this contest…do we choose the most creative response, the one that put in the most time and effort? Or do we go with the person whose outfit was head to toe what we would have chosen to show off this statement piece? In the end it was a combination of creativity, wit, and funky style (which we know you all posess)which brought us to our top four finalists. After narrowing it down, we decided to leave the rest up to fate and chose the winner of those four from a hat, plain and simple, nice and easy. You might say we took the easy way out, cowards! Eh, we’ll take it…

Congratulations to Lia from Strawberry Fields Forever for being the winner of our very first giveaway! Below is a photo of the ever so darling, aspiring designer from Spain and her winning sketch. We love the idea of an all black mini with structured shoulders paired with black caged heals, the perfect backdrop for an outstanding accessory!

We’d like to give a shout out to our three runner’s up:-Natalie from Natalie off Duty, we can fully envision her showcasing this necklace, long sleek hair, slouchy black slacks, simple white tank and the perfect black blazer.-Lauren Elizabeth at arielandralph. Having studied African art and culture, we know she would have done something daring for NYE donning this piece.-Nadia over at FrouFrouu…”black textured shoulder cape, fingers dripping with silver rings,” we have no doubt the necklace would have added that extra magic to such a mouth watering description of an outfit!

Thank you to everyone who has, and continues to show their support by commenting, following, and even just reading our blog, we appreciate you!!

Wishing everyone a fantastic New Year’s Eve, we can’t wait to hear/see how you all ring in the New Year!

Xx love from San FranciscoAlex and Amy** We want to give a big ‘ol thank ya to our soul sister Carey from Corks and Caftans for her sweet write up on Refuses to Label. If you love fashion, wine, wit and beauty…you’ll be pleased to have Carey and Rob on your daily blog roll!

To: You. From: Africa. With Love: Us.

We’ve been thinking of a good giveaway for sometime now. While items have passed by way of “possibilities”, nothing has really had the “ah ha” effect (and as we all know, thats what it’s all about… a feeling that is unexplainable yet has the power of explaining everything). We knew of our criteria: unique, one of a kind, one size, and completely our style (that’s what a personal blog is for anyhow right?)We are both overly obsessed with ethnic jewelry. Always scouring hole in the wall stores and hidden gems for unique treasures from far off lands. Between the two of us, our accessories collections come from everywhere but here; Nepal, Indonesia, Turkey, Afghanistan. Beautiful handmade craftsmanship with a story behind the piece… what could be better?

Sooo… yesterday we had the “ah ha” moment when our eyes lay on this handmade necklace from Africa. Handmade by the people of the Tuareg tribe in Niger… the color and design took our eyes for a few spins and the deal was done. Here’s this guys (soon to be yours) stats:- Blue Onyx stone with black Onyx beads.- Handmade with hammer and scalpel.- Reclaimed sterling silver is melted down and welded again(the Sahara doesn’t have access to top sterling silver, so they find used and do what they can with it.)- Stone itself is 1.25″ in diameter and 1.5″ high. Entire pendant piece w/silver inlay work come out as 2″ diameter and 2.5″ high.- Black Onyx beaded strands leave it to fall 9″ long.

Perfect piece for layering with long black or silver necklaces… layer, layer, layer.*our style tip with this (if we were to be greedy and keep it): Buy a foot of good quality sterling silver chain and drape layers on the side rings to extend the necklace and give it even more texture.

Next comes the giveaway game rules. What to do if you want this fine number? Simple and easy dear friends. a.) leave and answer for this question in the comments…”you want this to be your NYE outfit centerpiece… how would you style your outfit?”b.) follow our blog (only if you enjoy it, and if you don’t but still want the necklace… we are open to persuasive arguments).

Whoever gets this gorgeous statement piece can then find heaps of suggestions for wearing it… This opportunity will be open until Midnight on Christmas Eve (12/24), we will announce the winner on Christmas day and ship it via priority on the 26th. There you have it folks. Good luck and good night. Peace & Lovexx Amy and Alex**oh, and those little white speckles simply mean our dear friend Cannon needs a lens cleaning.

And the award goes to…


We’d like to thank the lovely ladies of Quality Rivets and Second Skin, two of our favorite bloggers who nominated us for the Beautiful Blogger Award.

We’re told that upon receiving this award you must post 7 fun, interesting, or just plain quirky bits of info about yourself… link the person who nominated you, and then nominate 7 other bloggers. So, in keeping with tradition we would like to nominate:The gorgeous mother/daughter duo Valerie and Camilla of A Butterfly By Day,Uno Cosa for her Scrapbook of more than just beautiful clothes,Song of Style for being a fellow stylish San Franciscan,Second Skin for her wicked vintage finds as well as her wise and genuine comments,the intriguing and ever-so talented artist Lauren Elizabeth at Ariel and Ralph,the natural beauty of Natalie off Duty,spend some time with the words of Cosmic Caroline,lastly, because we like the number 8 just a bit more than 7,Frou Frouu for her always fresh, always impeccable style.

Since we know each other all too well, each of us has written 8 little facts about the other. Hmmm Amy, where do I start?1.) If Amy were stranded on a deserted island only two things would sustain her: sunglasses and a bowl of green curry with chicken and brown rice…actually, anything Thai would do but since we’re being specific2.) If patience is a virtue than this girl is damn virtuous! I strive to have the patience with others and myself that she seems to possess. 3.) Hates cats! What? Now let’s get this straight; Amy is the epitome of a cat: laid back, stubborn, proud, with a “don’t bother me, I won’t bother you” personality. I will never get it, but that’s why I love her.4.) A go-getter. Can talk to anyone about anything and has a keen business sense.5.) If I can dance (yeah right), this girl can sing….but most will never hear her. When it comes to singing Amy turns shy and modest, but I swear I will get her to do Karaoke some day.6.) Has an incredible way with words, spoken as well as written.7.) Her hair is so thick she pretty much has dread locks by the end of any given day. I say give up and give in, she could definitely pull them off!8.) Has always dreamed of volunteering in Africa, teaching art to children perhaps? I have no doubts she will achieve this!-AlexWhoooo is Alex…1. To me… Alex defines perseverance, motivation, and determination.2. She can’t handle it when her hair is greasy… well she’s getting better about it, I once sprayed tanning oil in her hair on the way to the river (we were in High School) … she literally smacked me. The nerve.3. Blunt. Has no problem telling ANYONE what is on her mind. Don’t ask her if you don’t want to know the truth. I love this about her. 4. Likes Cats! I don’t how we remain friends through this one…. but I’ve managed to let it go. 5. Brewers Yeast on her toast, popcorn…eggs. Hey, don’t judge until you try. 6. Soulmate. Sister. Partner in all things quirky, all things hippie, all new adventures. 7. Loves to dress for any occasion. Music, drinks, dancing, clothes flying… getting dressed for a night out is almost always more fun than the actual event. 8. She brings awesome.-AmyImages for this freeezing sunny Sunday. The ideal day holds magical light, sunshine that barely burns, painting freely, water “playing” (no swimming… just dipping) and of course, beautiful nakedness, just because it feels so refreshing to shed the layers and free yourself of all material things.

Xx love from San Francisco“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music” – Friedrich Neitzsche“Clever people master life; the wise illuminate it and create new difficulties.” – Emil Nolde”Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” -Pablo Picasso”There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” -Leonard Cohen”I’m one of those regular weird people.” -Janis Joplin


If you’re like us, today is not about the food. Don’t get us wrong, we will absolutely be chowing down on some beautiful home cooked meals; however, we like to think that the real importance of today, or any day for that matter, is to truly be in the moment, to cherish the people and opportunities we are so blessed to have in our lives, and to remember never to take advantage of those treasures. We are TRULY blessed to have the supportive loving friends and family that we do. In fact “friends” does not do justice to the people we hold dear to us yet are not blood related…”family” is much more fitting, and therefore, we consider ourselves surrounded by one LARGE and beautiful family. The beauty of this, if you are able to see things in this light, is that you will never feel lonesome, or too far from home. Having said that, we are thankful for you for joining our family, for taking a somewhat intimate peek into our lives, for sharing our passion, and for giving us a glimpse into yours. “Hapiness is not real unless shared.” – Christoper Mccandles



“When the sky is falling from above youAnd the wind is raging from the coastAnd you want someone who truly loves youI will be the one who loves you the most When the masquerades in burlesque ballsBecome too ordinary to boastYou complain about the parades and curtain callsI will be the one who loves you the mostWhen the women with their stolen gracesDon’t invite you to play hostTo their daughters with fake facesI will be the one who loves you the mostWhen all the debutants desert youAll the doorways are all closedAnd all the harlequins have hurt youI will be the one who loves you the mostWhen your suitor’s sneer and swank beside youAnd leave you hollow like a ghostAnd you just want somebody to confide toI will be the one who loves you the mostWhen you forgive your imperfectionsAnd you’ve auctioned all your clothesAnd you look to see your true reflectionYou will be the one who loves you the most”Peace & Love,

Xx Amy and Alex