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Inspiration for the day…Devendra Banhart.

“cook me in your breakfast, and put me on your plate, ’cause you know i taste great…put me in your dry dreams or put me in your wet if you haven’t yet…” -Devendra Banhart.Yeah yeah… we all know this face. Ladies and Gents… this here is infatuation at its finest.

This man. speaks in metaphors. analyzes everything. has humor with no limits. speaks in intellect and humble nature. creates on a daily (painter, musician, songwriter…). born in Texas. raised in Venezuela. studied in San Francisco at the Art Institute. can’t seem to find a song we won’t spend (money we don’t have) on. “Banhart’s albums offer ashram-appropriate guitar strums, trippy-hippie tone poetry and, if you’re lucky, at least one tune where he sings from the perspective of a rodent.” SPIN.comdo yourself a favor and watch this.the man and his thoughts…for the eyes…for the ears…

Meet Lil’ D…

At 4 years of age… this woman has an abundance of opinions, heaps of sass, and a natural love for all things style. What she called her “fat shoes” at the age of 2, her “reggae skankin dress” at 3, and an acute awareness of her overall appearance could scare most normal adults… but the Auntie A’s make sure to nourish it…. is that bad? Meet the Auntie’s little protege, Deanne Paola. While visiting our home in the city (they live out in the country) lil’ D vanished as we made dinner, and appeared in her carefully selected pieces…. Like she said…. “oooohhhh yeeeaaaaah… now that’s what I call style”. Precious.

who can it be now – men at work.

outfit today: yet another pair of tights, heels, and an oversized white button down. My outfit for this fine Saturday is confirmed. Thank you Men at Work, your lyrical tunes got me in a good mood. xox

Bad Ass Lykke Li

“music is life but nature is vital and really, I know nothing at all” -Li.

Li Lykke Timotej Zachrisson IS the definition of confident… and why wouldn’t she be? This indie sweede has mad talent. We stumbled across a video of her singing “dance, dance, dance” with her band in SF a year ago and are still continually amazed by this woman. Raised by artists and musicians, inspired by nature and Michael Jackson, and quotes herself as having a ‘memory of a goldfish.’ You simply can’t question our undying love.. you’ll be here with us soon enough. Ready to fall?

Forever faithful… A&A.

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