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This just in…


It’s been a while since we’ve seen or heard from our fave Swede, since last April at Coachella to be exact; and in our books that’s much too long to go without a peep (or in her case make it a wail and a booty shake)from our most inspiring girl crush Lykke Li. However, as many are clamoring, gushing, ooing and aweing at the premiere of New Moon, it’s not the movie that’s getting us all riled up (although Amy is a closet fan), but the soundtrack. Yep, our girl Li has indeed come out with a new ballad. We’re hoping Lykke Li will grace us with her presence at Coachella again this year, or make an appearance in SF soon, but until then we’ll just have to take this in, soak it up, and put it on repeat…”…actually listen to it when you get a chance.. Lay down on a bed and just listen my love.

Love is a serious matter when it’s real. It’s blood and it’s death. But it’s also life, ain’t no other way around it.”-Lykke LiThen…

Listen to: will you still love me tomorrow… and certainly not least, our two favorites get together to do her oldie (but so damn goodie) “dance dance dance.” Li & Bon Iver doing ‘Dance Dance Dance’ in L.

A from Lykke Li on Vimeo. Lay down and just listen? Seeing as Friday is upon us, we might be doing just that. Wishing a fantastic Friday to all. Enjoy.

Peace & Love,

Xx Amy and Alex

a time trip…

Drooling over this editorial from French Elle’s 2008 September issue. The garments alone could make a cool and collected individual loose it… but Tamara Taichman (creative director) simply blows the mind. Is it just us? This brilliant scene that she realized gives this spread  texture beyond the clothing (which we might add… are all soooo good). Dark, dank, empty and cold creates quite the “seemingly” listless environment. Shows what beautiful clothes can do… it would be a dream living in such quarters as long as the clothes came with it (and of course, the small little mirror to check your utter perfection while napping on a stained mattress in Lanvin.) Hope you enjoy this as much as we did/do/will. Thinking once every few weeks we’ll sift back to issues from years past and post a “time trip” that still has remained “now” in some form or another. Happy Tuesday lovelies. Thank you for your visits and comments… it makes our world go round. 

Xx  Amy and Alex 

Dazed and Confused brings Clarity and Understanding

Sorting through the usual daily editorial eye candy, this spread from dazed and confused (titled “Aroused by the Scandalous World of the Tudors”) did just that… revved up the senses for our own creative pursuits of the day. We are both stuck on design and art projects(5 weeks left..5 weeks left) and have been trying desperately to get in our usual groove. These regal shots lent a hand… 

feeling grateful for the day. xx peace&love Amy and Alex

Happy Halloween…

amy:I feel like someone is… alex: fucking with your life? amy: yeah…. alex: its you.  

A rather lovely (and all time favorite) tune for this special occasion… Love us some Simon & Garfunkel.  Amy’s Dad was front row for this Monterey Pop Fest in 67′. We live vicariously… enjoy. 

bathing in the beauty of Santa Cruz.

” There was something sacred about those afternoons—pagan, it’s true, but sacred. The browner my skin turned, the more clearly I understood the sun truly is a god worthy of worship. Even with eyes closed I could see him. I felt him sink into me at the atomic level, infuse my cells as I drifted in and out of sleep, floated on pillowy clouds of sun-induced lethargy, head spinning with idle questions such as, Where are the records of all the things that never happened? and Why do hippies have big feet? and Is “self-referential” a self-referential word?”

We took a spur of the moment “holy shit it’s hot out” trip down highway 1 to Santa Cruz a week or so ago. Maybe I am welcoming skin… you know, more politely put as “damage”, but it felt so right burning the top layer of my now transparent SF hide. Call us guilty (at least Alex puts sunscreen on her nose, I treat spf like I treat the church.) We’ll continue singing sweetly to “She’s Only Happy in the Sun”, Ben Harper knows the strings to our souls.-AS

Outside Lands Festival… Miserable.

A trip to Santa Cruz, two music festivals and yummy weather all in one week? Some may call us spoiled, but we simply feel blessed. Last friday at Outside Lands Festival was the hottest day in the City so far this summer; however, best friends and sweet, sweet music are what made the night amazing. Thievery Corporation was outstanding and Midnite always has our reggae skanking hearts. The price per ticket was a bit outlandish buuut, we’re taking the road of optimism and positivity. Next up on the festival circuit? Monterey Bay ReggaeFest. Some of our faves (friends and musicians) will be attending…

Tanya Stevens, The Itals, Don Carlos, Isreal Vibration, Richie Spice. Mmm mmm mmm, it’s already September but it feels like summer has just begun.

back on this side of the bridge for the week….

As roommates and friends, we’ve agreed that despite our busy and often stressful schedules (for the past month we’ve been driving up to Mendocino every weekend while juggling work/school/), it’s about time we kick our butts into high gear, literally. First things first, a wonderful grocery shop yesterday evening has left our fridge full of delightful, healthy treats…the challenge will be no bread/wheat for a week. Continuing on our health quest we awoke bright and early this morning and went for a brisk walk/jog down to Hayes Valley. There might have been an alterior motive by the name of Blue Bottle Coffee Co….some might say it’s the best cup of joe in the city…we might say so ourselves if our hearts weren’t at Central around the corner. Nonetheless a morning jaunt followed by a healthy dose of yoga left us energized for our day.

The first half of this week will be consumed by school, work, and healthy living but come Thursday things will be looking up. Weekend will consist of all things happy. Hike Mt. Tamalpais, Outside Lands music festival starts Friday… an incredible lineup in Golden Gate Park (just a minutes walk from our place). Thievery Corp, Midnite, MIA, Brett Dennen, The National, Band of Horses….the list goes on. Our dear Aussie friend Chris fly’s in Saturday, met him in Mendoza during our South American travels a few years ago. He’s a SF virgin so indeed our weekend will consist of all things “tourist.” Weekend weather says 85 degrees and sunny… feel like we’ve been sprinkled with magic fairy dust.

Meet Lil’ D…

At 4 years of age… this woman has an abundance of opinions, heaps of sass, and a natural love for all things style. What she called her “fat shoes” at the age of 2, her “reggae skankin dress” at 3, and an acute awareness of her overall appearance could scare most normal adults… but the Auntie A’s make sure to nourish it…. is that bad? Meet the Auntie’s little protege, Deanne Paola. While visiting our home in the city (they live out in the country) lil’ D vanished as we made dinner, and appeared in her carefully selected pieces…. Like she said…. “oooohhhh yeeeaaaaah… now that’s what I call style”. Precious.