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Milan, Paris, London…

Should be working. This was a better path for the day… feeling great about it actually. Came across this editorial in the new British Vogue and thought… “it’s our duty to give our thoughts”. While this is entirely not true, we’ll still allow you to relish in our favorites. Disagree?… a good debate is always welcome. hippity hop hop…. back to dreaming of these far off places while digging for vintage gems at our favorite SF spots… Peace&Love. A&A


NYLON Magazine has created a free summer playlist and boy are we diggin it! One song in particular has been on repeat for the past week…just can’t seem to get enough. La Roux is a British electropop band consisting of singer Elly Jackson and writer Ben Langmaid and their song In For The Kill might just be the perfect summer song to get you pumped, at least it’s doing it for us! Unfortunately we couldn’t find an actual video to go along with it but just feel it.

Pulse, pulse, pulse….

who can it be now – men at work.

outfit today: yet another pair of tights, heels, and an oversized white button down. My outfit for this fine Saturday is confirmed. Thank you Men at Work, your lyrical tunes got me in a good mood. xox

Abbey Lee & Gucci

How divine is Abbey Lee… no, it’s not a question, just nod along please. Photos that are bleached by the summer sun in any way get me going lately… perhaps these frigid summer days have me down and out? Struggling with sickness in mid July and pulling winter sweaters out of the closet IS NOT how I imagined spending my summer months. Damn you who have (natural) summer tans. My last ten minutes were positively spent cursing the weather Gods. I need an excuse to stop wearing tights! They are just so tiiiiight, it becomes quite suffocating you know, gives a solid belly ache if your not careful. I came across this editorial in the middle of my daily reads and felt compelled. It brought me to a magical place where: I could swim naked in my own privacy before effortlessly throwing a beautiful silk zip number on… why not stand in my beautiful thigh high boots for a while? Completely appropriate. Have to get busy drinking for a night out dancing in a sequin mini. Hmm, What shoes should I wear?… and yes, I don’t even have to brush my hair. Life is suddenly so very lovely!

Reality. I’m at least looking forward to purchasing the perfect over the knee boot for fall… since summer comes to us in late September, I just might wear them with a mini and no tights at all. I will however make sure my brassiere is in tact before leaving the pad…

Peace&Love – AS

Bad Ass Lykke Li

“music is life but nature is vital and really, I know nothing at all” -Li.

Li Lykke Timotej Zachrisson IS the definition of confident… and why wouldn’t she be? This indie sweede has mad talent. We stumbled across a video of her singing “dance, dance, dance” with her band in SF a year ago and are still continually amazed by this woman. Raised by artists and musicians, inspired by nature and Michael Jackson, and quotes herself as having a ‘memory of a goldfish.’ You simply can’t question our undying love.. you’ll be here with us soon enough. Ready to fall?

Forever faithful… A&A.

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