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Coddle Me. Please.

Fall is here.

I’ll always give my full love and devotion to the months of Summer for the obvious….music festivals, camping trips, dancing in dewy grass with no shoes, ice cold cocktails at 10pm dressed in your bathing suit and ready for the next dip, hikes, boating, cooking all your meals from the land, blooming colors, sun kissed skin, roping curling hair, long days, long nights, beautiful friends, far off dreams that come close with each day, star gazing,road trips, gardening, instrumentals, crickets, birds bathing, bus adventures….

Yes. All good, great and certainly grand. Though…

I must give respect to the Falling of Fall.

While colors still drape the streets in leaves of different hues, today i’m soakin my darks and neutral softs together, in one big batch.

Its time to put on some clothes, and for the first time in some time… i’m ok with that.

Your clothes must make friends with one another as you topple them atop one another like family in a house thats just… too small. “You willlll go together damnit. You love being close dont you… yes, yes you do.”

That favorite shirt that was the life of the party all on its own just got slammed with an ACNE shearling. Take it.

Bless you Black for making it so damn easy… Camel n’ Cream… you can be in that mix as well.

stay warm.



Hearts Like Ours- Free People

A recent project I worked on for Free People…  go here for all the words and shots. A beautiful evening spent running around with equally beautiful and inspiring women…. Annie Edmonds behind the lens, Emily Nickrent on hair and makeup… and styling by yours truly.

Just a snippet on here….

…This shoot was inspired by late August eves… what’s known to my whole being as my very favorite time of year. Those late afternoons that turn dark before you know it, though the temperature barely teeters. Your skin still wears that golden hue from the sun of June’s first strong kisses. A red lip is all you need to feel beautiful. Music plays live along sidewalks not yet walked… lights dangle from tree lined squares, where they, in the night, have taken a rather empty seat to the normal hustle of the day’s daily dos… 

This here… I say… spend 24 hours outside alone. Go to dinner by yourself. Bring a book. A journal. Go see a show that makes you comfortably uncomfortable. Put on a red lip for YOU. Reflect. To love yourself, unconditionally. To understand who you are alone, with only your own mind to answer to. Much becomes clear around you, all that was heavy suddenly dissolves. Negative thoughts lift … and the life you have made and continue to make seems, suddenly, limitless…

Lucius….. Amen. Nuff said…

xx Amy

Today, I’m thinking Backwards.

Sundays urge me to warp backwards… mostly to avoid the futures Monday, but also…. Sundays are meant to bask, marinate, and really… look damn good for no reason at all. Jump on a bike, take that bra off… but please, for god sake, make sure that belly’s button is covered. A little spritz of extra volume in that mane… skates, ice cream, weapon of choice.


So. On that note. Some of my favorite ladies…..

xx Amy

Future Wear.

The thing is… with this whole fashion world…. your always lookin’ ahead. Wishing it was Fall in Spring, Winter in Summer…. or in this case, pleading your very own God you were “Resorting” in 2014.

What about the present eh? “BE PRESENT”.. man.

In the (very)rare case I say F*ck the present… I want these pieces now. Resort 2014 collections had my little brain all tweaked on the future.

Why these in particular? Chloe is a no brainer… always, so we leave her out of the reasoning.

Soft color pallets with pops of color… large interesting shapes, big palazzo pants and baggy shorts… boyish layers, printed mix ups, and a little bit of beautiful strange that jumped the wagon.

Top to Bottom: Suno. Rochas. Opening Ceremony. 3.1 Phillip Lim. Sonia Rykiel. Stella McCartney. Chloe. Chloe. ACNE. ACNE. Alexander Wang. Alexander Wang.

Local Natives I A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

xx Amy

The Staves.

Watch. Listen. Close those eyes. 7 minutes of solitude with these sisters. You will be better for it. This I promise.

xx Amy

Clean Slate.

I say goodbye to my last year. Hello to a whole new even number to follow my 20-something self. Bye bye 7, good day 8.

A few years left before I grace the three o’s… today is a happy new year to me.

I reflect on change. On constants. On black and white, on color, on patterns and shapes.

I wipe it all clean and start anew… holding to lessons learned and jumping high for those on their own way.

I see the nature in which I wake, in which I walk, and those of my night dreams. I embrace my constant need for new smells and new sounds… sights unseen and music my body has yet to meet or greet.

Days like these, I am hit with sight of the abundant love I have around me. Comes no question of luck.. for I made a promise to myself and the world around me, and this love is life’s greatest gift to me.

So… with all the people that mean the world…  that fill me with love and give me purpose in life’s doings… in the “this and thats” of day to day… you that make my body soul and mind at peace and in whirlwinds of chaos and passion…

Thank you.

Off to the river, where I spend every day of birth with the one I love… laying on a big flat rock, beer in hand… skin dancing with the sun…

xx Amy

Keepin’ it Real.

Read up. This beautiful woman gets it… success through her ability to balance and stay true to what she feels good doing. Style to boot….. casual, easy, sexy…. totally her own. Hilary understands the true need to find the depth in an industry that can have you floating on the surface. Hilary Walsh…. A.P.C jeans… Mother Overalls… Gauze and Ponchos. I need not say more….


xx Amy

Over It All.

No longer for the broiler room.Over-Alls have swept the nation. Sick with the same old drag at your local overweight mechanics shop, these once purely protective garments have found themselves on some of the loveliest lassies around. And hey… they are just one more ounce of proof that “one-piece” (err hmmm Gentlemen) can mean damn sexy. They do indeed represent their given name… Overall…. a sort of F*CK it, i’m throwing these damn things on. Then, viola… they become fashionable again. All these gals do it right, whether for the brisk months of Fall and Winter or the warmer seasons spent with the Sun… fool proof options await.I’m gonna go put mine on actually… have a great day all you beautiful people. Smile… hug someone you have never met. The reaction is pure entertainment.

Time for some Other Lives.


It Aint What You Got, Its What You Make.

Seems to be one of those. Those summer days where the fog never lifts… not from the mind, eyes or sky?

Well folks, that seems to be todays decided recipe… who’s decision, still not sure, but i’m assuming the Sun just needed of a quick breather. I’ve gotta run with it. Proper amount of caffeine and a bowl full of oatmeal…. day dreamin in real life livin aint so bad. Driving can be a hazard, but otherwise… I’m gonna blast me some Shovels and Rope and hit the road. All wrapped up in my favorites, a sherpa poncho and printed vintage dress. Feels like a cool fall day on the 4th of June, and i’m doing my best to turn these corner lips upwards. Could use some heavier socks.

Socks in June. Yep, this is now happening. Listen to this husband and wife duo “Shovels and Rope”. Truly… so lovable and groovy. This video in particular floods memories of Summers spent with my man and dog… the simple pleasures of being beside the one you love in a shitty old work truck. There is no feeling like it, and this video right here brought it all back…. thanks you two. I also now have a strong desire to be a master Milliner.


Dreaming of Sasquatch.

Happiest of Mondays to you all. This will be a quickie, as Monday persists on all sorts of fun times with DMV, bills, and appointments. Rather than speak on the joy of such matters, let’s instead focus on the pure beauty of Sasquatch Festival. Please check out the feature and words on Free People…. To put it simply. I am so THANKFUL. What an extraordinary road trippin’, music shimmy-in’, good family o’ friends lovin’… time.