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Roll and Rock, Rock and Roll.

On the road. Got my favorite people packed in back. My Love to the side. Bus full of festival necessities. Driving to Sasquatch Festival in the smack dab middle of Washington… 3 days of glorious music in whats hailed to be one of the most beautiful venues you can inhabit. This will be a first for me… and let me tell you, I’m a strong lover of first times. 20 hours of driving in our dear beloved Barnabus, for the Lady of Love can only reach 55mph before threatening a quitting all together. A slow and steady chugging along the Pacific Northwest is a vacation for the spirits. Redwoods, rugged cliff lines, camping along the way… most importantly… a perfectly curated Rock and Rollin’ playlist for this very special road beneath. We are paying tribute… and its serious business around here.  Loading up. See Ya, San Francisco. Grabbing our instruments of choice. Our Hats of momentous character.

Our Loves. And ta-dah. Off we go. Away into the light of opportunity and new experiences.

I’ll be covering Sasquatch for Free People…. coming home with all sorts of goodness for the senses. I’ll keep all you’s in tune with that collaboration… a little music video in the works. For now.. here are a few of my must see’s:










Man. The list goes on… I’ll stop here. Reluctantly. Love to you all. Amy


Dreamy eve’s turn light on the feet come morning… Still hanging loose and comfortable… like old friends with the days Reality. This little fog of perfection, a dazed but nowhere near confused state of mind. A place where warmth hits the skin all day long… where no breeze comes without thoughtful timing. Where lounging in sheer lace and bare silks are the only possibility. Gardening in itsy bitsy bras and highwaisted chiffon is appropriately the right choice. Shoes remain off… stickers and dirt piled high. No matter. No mind. A place where nothing is impossible, where new instruments are strummed, new chords are hummed, new applications and implications revealed. This is heaven. This is California Home.


Love, and more of it. Amy

Be. Happy.

There’s a shedding process that comes with Spring. She’s provocative…. gives you that little wink from across the bar… a “go ahead… try… take it off… throw it out… cut it off…

Well, don’t mind if I do… i’m drinking chugging the Kool-Aid. The last few months have moved quick. Real quick. I would in fact say that March and April just may be the most fit of all the months…. May has always been close behind, but its those flat feet and budding… buds… that keep her, behind.

She’s cool with it though. Baby’s got buds.

Even if your movements resemble that of a stoned sloth…. thou shalt not deny the little specks of energetic “I can do anything” fairy’s singing in the air. Might just trade that pipe in for a pair of Nike’s and lulu melon spandex. Its happened (not to me, no no no…buuuuutt I’ve heard tales). Had what seemed a never ending work load when I returned from Bali…. more planes, more packing/unpacking, pulling/returning, meetings with clients, shoots and more shoots. A few weeks ago, I started my 2 week “must be at home” hiatus. Everything must shut off. Shut down. I go through this a few times a year. Recharging my batteries. Spending real present time with my loves. Computer happily dies. Phone usually is dead on a day to day, so not much change there. First stop: Coachella. Packed the bus and drove 17 hours (maxing at 50mph) down the California coast to Indio. Music. Friends. Love. Truly, after 6 years of going…. this year was Magic. Again, its those beautifully damned fairy’s singing with the best of em’… and I danced and jigged to their sweet melodies all weekend… brought them home in a jar… been dancing with them since. Summer nights at home revolve around our farm. My dog… My man… and long golden hour walks around the land. Its my happy place. My sanctuary. My place. Everything that is of meaning and significance rests here, home, and I smile knowing we could fit it all into our bus and drive away with all we love in tow. Each other and our best dog friend Juma.

Sidenotes…. **A.) There is nothing better in the entire world than old 501 Levis. B.) Watch the Video… Patti is one wise chick. “Build Your Name”. Please and Thank YOU. C.) Juma and I have serious silent talks every time I pack a bag and get in a vehicle… Love you all.

My Digs as follows…. in order….

Sheer Top FP X Daisy Chains Top

Jean ShortsDolphin Hem Cutoff

Cropped JeansHerringbone Skinny Crop

Vintage ClothingVintage Levis, Vintage Osh Overalls

JumpsuitLady Tangier Jumpsuit



Which line you takin?

Top of the mid morning to you all. I’ve been workin’ in lines, checks… this ways and that ways…. here’s and over there’s. All these lines equate to pure linear perfection. A little bit graphic, a little bit country… best of all… no season permit required. Come one and come all… Plaid is a player, a Jack of All Trades. Grunge lady… country prim (errrr, not my top of the list, but, to each there own), Western, Equestrian enthus… He (yes, plaid is most definitely Male)rocks one and all. I prefer to marry Grunge plaid and City Dweller plaid… keep it loose, keep it tight + round sunnies in tow. Bada bing bada boom. Love to you all. Happiest of Tuesdays.

Listening to these beauties non-stop…. got that perfect balance of Reggae Skank beats and haunting melodic lyrical riffs….



xx Amy

I Stole The Cake Last Night.

I can’t put a thumb on it… or a finger… or a whole arm for that matter. The last time I’ve truly been gleeful while flipping through an editorial spread has been, well, some time indeed. It’s obvious why my corner lips turned heavy for these images… is it not?

The draws from my favorite Beales.

The mixed print genius.

Erin Wasson in harmony with Testino. Golden hues. Its a no brainer… but what I love most??

That, while I hate to admit it, I actually gave thought to socks and sandals. Yep. Admit it. You did too.



“…and I tell you if there’s anything worse than dealing with a staunch woman… S-T-A-U-N-C-H. There’s nothing worse, I’m telling you. They don’t weaken, no matter what.”

-Little Edit Beale


The West Has Won.

Somethin I recognize seems to be going on. A brewing of sorts. Something is ah’ stirrin’ in this here body. Within 6 weeks, My mind and body have skipped down this here path…from blissful Bali… to the Blizzards of NYC… To the comforts of California farm life, and then…  to the rains and haze of Seattle. Whats brewing?

This itch I must scratch? Putting on my Man’s cowboy hat, grabbin’ my Hound Dog, bridling my stead, grabbing a gun (I pretend only…allow me…), a thermos, a few cans of crap food, a lighter- wait… ummm… just sticks and stones?- and a saddle bag. Hanging laundry naked.. um, yes.If only I could whistle. Not gonna happen. Ok. Harmonica in tow. Boom. Instantly hard core again. This is the true rounder. The balancer. The rock. I’ll have my body and mind all Even Keel once this here mission is finished. Blissed out in Bali, happy with Nada… check. NYC Fashion Week go-er… happy observer of al things opposite of nada… check.

California Homesteader… happy with dirt and plants… check.

Now… Imagining… in the middle of f’in nowhere badass chick…. happy again with nada…. CHECK MATE. Boom. Pencil that in will ya. K. Thanks. And as always… Lots of love.


Listening to Mr. Jesse Woods quite a bit lately… have a taste…




xx Amy

Still High…

Oh Heeeey there Friends. It’s been a minute ey?

A few of you lovelies have written asking beautiful questions about Bali. Yes, I was there. Yes, I am still alive. Yes, I am now home. I haven’t struck the keypad in response to my trip yet… I wouldn’t  couldn’t bear to write of my trip to Bali, knowing it meant one thing… I am no longer there. I am here merely reminiscing… ouch. So, I fiddled and faddled and did my damned best to take this reality transition happily… smile on face, hats ready, tap dancin shoes tied tight. What’s surprising… its been relatively easy.

I’m home and still happier than sh*t. Truly. I packed Bali up, stowed her in my carry on’s – right next to the almonds and colored pencils- and brought her sweetness home. I’ve been on cloud 24.  I have a newfound love for what I do, and my motivation to create has been flying in all directions.

I will post photos of my trip soon… the people, the places, the love. For now, some outfit shots taken by my lovely Tennille.

Wearing just about all Free People, anything loose, breathable, soft… Bali was my time… I dressed as I would ALWAYS if not for the dreadful winters. Summer weather is my season. Beauties…

Please check out my collaboration with Free People… words and more images found there. LOVE!


Double D’s.

You Surely weren’t fool enough to think this double your pleasure, double your fun canadian turned global duo was going anywhere… were you?

No. Much too smart for that. You, Man… you wear it well. You, Woman… damn sexy I might add. Put together.

Sharp even. Intimidatingly stylish…yet…wait… oh so cool? Whaaaa?

Cow enthusiasts, horse freaks, sheep canoodles. You’ve had it right from the start. We have simply, as we do so well, observed, borrowed, updated, and stamped it our own “genius”.

In behalf of us all, We thank you for the roots. For any left that thinking its still sooooooooooo wrong to double up your blues… take a clue. Get with it… Try it out while you buy your milk on Monday. You’ll see… heads still turn.

“Leave your stepping stones behind, something calls for you

Forget the dead you’ve left, they will not follow you

The vagabond who’s rapping at your doorIs standing in the clothes that you once wore

Strike another match, go start a new

And it’s all over now, Baby Blue.”

– Bob Dylan. 


The Folklorist.

One who studies folklore. The Folklorist.

Me? Hmm… career change perhaps.

I’ll be looking into the steps of owning such a title. Thank the heavens for creating you all. The traditional, the culture, the color, the intricacy. Best believe Folklore doesn’t discriminate. It hugs one and all. Shakes the hands of all traditions. Honors and revels in all religions. Graces its presence on all shapes and shades… To the East, West, North and South…. the Third World and the First, the Second World too.  The act of dressing has never looked so full.

Please… press play before the scroll. King of American Folk has something to say….


“These clothes were made for you and me…. “